Gurugram school murder LIVE updates:Ryan School’s ‘Bloody Bathroom’ reached today

 where the innocent murdered


7-year-old Pradyuman as brutally assassinated at Ryan International School of Gururgram There is a charge of negligence over the safety of children on the school. Since the incident, the school  closed and heavy police force  deployed. ‘Aajtak’ took stock of the place where the innocent Pradyumnaan  strangled and murdered. However, the bathroom sealed by the police.

‘Aaj Tak’ correspondent Anjana Om Kashyap  initially stopped by the police officers from entering the school but after the intervention of senior officials, our correspondent got admitted within the school. ‘Aajtak’ has shown the place in his camera where from where Pradyuman took entry in school on the day of the incident and where he  killed. There is a class room next to the place where it is a bathroom and there is an office adjacent to it. But the question is, what were the staff members doing at the time of the murder.



On the day of the incident, the accused conductor and the conductor of the assassination without investigating inside the school, Ashok gets admitted with a sharp knife in the children’s bathroom, and no one tries to stop him from anywhere. Not only did she fail to try a child with a knife, she killed a innocent woman with a sharp knife and took her life. After this incident questions  raised about the safety of children in schools across the country.

Apart from Ashok, Haryana Police has arrested two officials of Ryan School Management, in this case. This includes Ryan’s Regional Manager and HR Head. Their arrest  done under the JJ Act. At the same time, the Supreme Court will also hear the petition of Pradyumna’s father for conducting an inquiry with the CBI

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