Video to overtake death: Dehradun Prince Chowk Road Accident

Video to overtake death:


Jako Raakhe Saaiyan maar sake naa koi, can not kill This saying has once again become transformative. It would be a miracle that a young man came down from the moving bus , but his hair did not get too damaged. This incident of defeating the dead is in Uttarakhand’s capital, Dehradun. A traffic police constable here saved the life of school rider.



According to the information, on Wednesday afternoon traffic constable Vijay Prasad was giving duty on Ratuundry Prince Chowk. At around 12.30 am, while overtaking the city bus from the wrong direction, the youth came into the gutter along with the scooter.




After scooping the scooter, when the scooter rider came under the bus, the accused driver started to move ahead instead of stopping. Constable Vijay Rautriya, stationed there, came into action and immediately stopped the bus and pushed the bus back. With the help of local people, the said scooter driver was thrown out of the bus. The young man riding a scooter did not get any injury. This incident took place in the CCTV camera of the police.

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