Delhi Metro runs with the doors open on the yellow line :WATCH VIDEO

Delhi Metro

If the Delhi Metro runs, then its doors are closed automatically, but on Monday night, a door full of passenger passengers, while passing through two stations of the Yellow Line, have a door open. This very unusual incident took place at around 10 o’clock in the night between Chawdi Bazaar and Kashmiri Gate Station on the Yellow Line. The Yellow Line Timur runs between Badli and Huda city center. During this time people tried to play an emergency alarm but they did not even play. People inside the Metro made the video of the open door.

A Delhi Metro spokesman said that the problem with just one door. To prevent any kind of delay or gathering of trains, the train taken to the university station. Immediately after the incident, the train operator was suspended for ‘defaults in security’.


Later the train evacuated at the University Metro Station and it sent to the depot. Due to this incident the Metro operation affected for some time on the Yellow Line. Let’s say this is not the first time. Similar case also witnessed in July 2014, then all the doors of the train running between Ghitorni and Arjangarh stations left open on this same line.

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